Pokemon Go: March Research Breakthrough Ft. Alolan Vulpix

Now that the details have been revealed, we can now say that a Research breakthrough in Pokemon Go during March will reward you with an Alolan Vulpix encounter.

When does the March Research Breakthrough start on Pokemon Go?

As you may well expect from the name, the Research Breakthrough for March starts in, well, March. Specifically March 1st at 9:00 PM GMT time. Most events in Pokemon Go use Local time instead, which is tailored to local timezone per player, but this is the exception.

We can likely blame that particular exception on this being a monthly occurrence. The duration as you might well expect runs from the start time given until April 1st at the same time, as well, giving us exactly a month to make use of it.

Pokemon Go Research Breakthroughs

If you’re not familiar with this particular type of event in Pokemon Go, here’s a summary.

Each time you complete a research task, once a day you’ll earn a research stamp for doing so. These add up towards a total counter, which will result in a “Breakthrough” when you reach seven of them. These stamps don’t have to be consecutive, but you will need to reach the final stamp during the month of the research breakthrough you want to take advantage of.

If you do amass seven stamps this month, you’ll get an Alolan Vulpix encounter via the breakthrough. Finally obtaining that last, seventh research stamp on April second wouldn’t get an Alolan Vulpix by comparison. You’d instead receive whatever Pokemon is featured for that month, so what matters is the month you get the last stamp in each time.

You can repeat this as many times as you can refill the stamp counter up to seven total. That means it’s entirely possible to get at least four this month alone. If you happen to be starting at a few stamps already done from last month, those will even carry over.

Anything else to it?

These events are actually that simple. Earn stamps, turn those stamps in if you earn enough, find the set Pokemon for the month.

It’s also worth noting that the Alolan Vulpix found via this can be Shiny. While it’s only a few encounters, you just might get lucky enough to find one.

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